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We are a local company in Tongaat. The clothes line is only one of our products we do plastic injection molding and aluminium work. It’s a family owned business and do from water meters, plates, lunchboxes, aluminium lights, Aluminium security sliding gates, ladders and a whole lot more. Our factory is in Tongaat and we as a company work as a family every worker is part of the family we are proud of our staff, we enjoy doing skills development and job creations and giving people opportunities to become a skilled worker and supporting our local community. No project is too small or too big for us. Help us to help our people and create a better future for everybody in our country.

Seeing all your clothes nicely folded and fresh, ready for you to wear is such a fulfilling moment. It is even more fulfilling to know that you have something reliable to dry your clothes with.

We have the perfect drying method for you, our range of durable aluminium clotheslines are efficient and save space.

With great power, comes great electricity bill." We can help you save on your electricity bill by reducing your electric tumble dryer usage

Who doesn't love having a neat stack of laundry that is ready to put away? 

But before you can get to this - You have to dry your clothes. This is where we come in. We've got a range of durable aluminium clotheslines that will fit into various small places in your home.


Products and Services

Our range of Foldable Aluminium Clotheslines include; 

- 1m x 0.8m = 6m Hanging Space 
- 1,5m x 0.8m = 9m Hanging Space 
- 2m x 0.8m = 12m Hanging Space 
- 2,5m x 0.8m = 15m Hanging Space

Some of our product features are; 

- Aluminium and Anodized 
- Lightweight and durable 
- No rust, no maintenance 
- Space saving clotheslines 
- Removable clotheslines with easy clip brackets 
- Indoor and Outdoor Clotheslines 
- 5 year warranty